A personal Session

Karen works with people in person at her Lake Street Room, or if necessary during an online session, which lasts from 50 to 60 mins on average.  You can expect a compassionate private and creative space.  She helps you tap into your inner world to discover what the real disturbance is.  Real change can be achieved by creative exploration and understanding.

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Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

In Sand Play we use a tray of sand and we use feeling to choose just a few symbols from the hundreds available. Using this method, we bypass our analytical side, we enable an intuitive approach. Using feeling, we place the symbols in the sand tray where it feels right, and let the stories come forward.  Sharing the stories is beneficial but not entirely necessary.

In this way we can tap into and use our Right Brain. The Right Brain World, is the keeper of the memories, it is the enabler and motivator of our creativity.  Right Brain World uses the language of colour, senses, symbols, music and images.

Children naturally gravitate toward Sand Play, so do Adolescents and Adults.

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Symbol Work: – A way we can contact and use our intuitive world to  define our feelings.  We can also understand our patterns from looking at the symbols we choose.  The using of symbols in describing even to ourselves what is happening is a very powerful exercise.  Karen has an amazing collection of symbols and figurines to stimulate your creative side and help healing come forward.

Dream Work: – Our dreams are always trying to tell us something.  Sometimes dreams can be puzzling, scary, repetitive, haunting or beautiful.  Working with and remembering a scene from a dream, can bring lots of clarity and healing. Nightmares can dissipate after working in this way.

Working with Childhood dreams can also assist to discover one’s Life Myth.  Knowing your Life Myth is very useful in breaking down our tendencies to a very simple form.  Having this information often helps us to understand what we need to do for ourselves to keep life in balance.

Karen assists clients to do this easily naturally and gently.

Working with Body Symptoms:- Our body informs us when something is under stress.  Working with body symptoms, even minor ones can help to access stuck energies.  This is an effective way of working and can bring deep healing.

Karen’s studies in Process Oriented Psychology has provided her with the knowledge to assist working in working in this way.  Our body is affected by our life patterns and the way we hold our emotions and experiences.  Tapping into our psyche through a body symptom can be useful in releasing issues and moving forward in greater comfort.

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Parent education: – Circle of Security Program, – Bonding and connecting with our Children,

  • What every parent needs to know about Bonding and Attachment.
  • What are its secrets and how does it happen?
  • Why is it so important?
  • What effect does it have on the rest of our Lives?

We as Parents all want to Bond with our children however sometimes Bonding becomes confused.  The Attachment Process has a cycle and knowing this makes it easier to work out how we can create better connections with our children.

Through the Circle of Security Parent Education Program, you will learn about secure attachment, enabling greater insight.  Be inspired by this knowledge and Group Discussion to implement  a new dynamic for your relationship with your children, yourself and others.

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